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September 24, 2008

topics analysis


L1 topic breakdown of importance:

  • Ethical and Professional Standards, 10-20 percent
  • Investment Tools 45-55 percent
    • Quantitative Analysis, 7-17 percent
    • Economics, 5-15 percent
    • Financial Statement Analysis, 15-25 percent
    • Corporate Finance, 3-13 percent
  • Asset Valuation, 45-55 percent
    • Equity Investments, 5-15 percent
    • Fixed Income Investments, 5-15 percent
    • Derivatives, 0-10 percent
    • Alternative Investments, 0-10 percent
  • Portfolio Management, 0-10 percent


My weights: Financial Statement Analysis: 30%









The Level I Exam emphasizes investment tools (50 percent of the exam) and the fundamentals of asset valuation (30 percent). Generally, the largest single topic on the Level I Exam is Financial Statement Analysis, which includes Corporate Finance in the exam topic breakdown.

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